About Us

Team der Hörzentrum Oldenburg gGmbH

Our mission statement: We help people hear better

Our mission statement motivates us to give the best every day. The best for our projects, customers, partners and colleagues*. The focus of our company is on independent and interdisciplinary, demand-oriented research, customer-oriented services and market-oriented product developments.

The meaningfulness of our work is reflected in the results. Because everything we do serves to improve hearing in order to increase the ability to communicate, participation and quality of life of all people.

Strong values and principles

Hörzentrum Oldenburg stands for strong values and principles that are lived by our employees* in their daily work. Human dignity, social justice and solidarity not only influence the selection of our partners and suppliers, but also determine our interaction, in which appreciation and criticism are expressed openly and honestly.

We owe our success to our employees

Through the extraordinary commitment, the high level of personal responsibility of our employees and the involvement of the entire team in decision-making structures, we use the great potential of each individual for our company.

As a family-friendly company, the hearing center enables mobile and flexible working, where children are also welcome in the office.

The sustainability of our company is already evident in our corporate form as a non-profit limited liability company. This guarantees the reinvestment of generated surpluses in the sense of the company's purpose. Our constant efforts to retain employees with permanent employment relationships also illustrate our concern to act sustainably as a responsible company.

This is based on a high ethical standard, which is recognizable to everyone through the self-imposed quality standards in our scientific work and in our evidence-based studies, and which can also be experienced by our test persons who support us. Formally, this high quality standard becomes clear through the application of the quality management system.